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What is the development status of corrugated board

Tile line is short for corrugated board production line, is the web of base paper after pressing corrugated, gluing, bonding, paper pressing line, cross cut into the specification board, after the code output and other processes of the assembly line. Such as single-sided corrugated paper production line is usually composed of web support, single face corrugated board forming machine, rotary paper-cutting machine, use roll paper materials and potato or corn starch adhesive, continuous production and cut into the required specifications of the single face corrugated board, cardboard production don’t have to dry or dry, and glue machine or cover machine used at the same time, it can produce more than three layer of corrugated board.
Corrugated board (box) is the world recognized green environmental protection packaging products. But with the growing concept of environmental protection, coupled with the growing shortage of global forest resources and water and soil resources, the production of wood required for the production of paper cartons in many countries are more and more limited, resulting in the corrugated box industry wood fiber source is seriously affected. At present, the global annual demand for corrugated paper products has reached 100 million metric tons, of which the United States accounts for about 31%, Europe including eastern Europe about 25%, China about 10%, Japan 9%. Developed countries such as Europe and The United States and Japan, because of its high domestic manufacturing costs, manufacturing to the outside, the reduction of customers, corrugated paper products annual growth rate will be low or even negative growth may be. Conversely, emerging low manufacturing cost countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, corrugated products have greater room for growth

Post time: Jul-28-2021